Examining the intersection between Washington politics and the auto retail industry.

Introducing Autos Drive America

Capitol Hill veteran Jennifer Safavian is leading a new association dedicated to international automaker operations in the U.S. In this episode of Beltway Talk, Jennifer answers our questions about Autos Drive America – and explains what’s driving her to ensure that the international nameplate industry is fairly represented in Washington, D.C.

Charlie Chesbrough’s Sales Round Up

In today’s Beltway Talk, Cox Automotive’s Charlie Chesbrough gives listeners an overview of 2020’s second quarter auto sales. He touches on a number of subjects, including segment winners and losers for the year to date, what brands are best equipped to weather the recovery ahead, and how inventory constraints could impact sales for the remaining […]

AIADA Chairman Jason Courter on Selling Cars Amidst a Pandemic

In this episode of Beltway Talk, Washington State Honda dealer and AIADA Chairman Jason Courter discusses what it’s like operating a dealership at ground zero for COVID-19 in the United States. Listen to find out how he is tackling new restrictions on his stores, protecting his employees and customers, and keeping AIADA focused on its […]

Q&A With Subaru’s D.C. Chief

Joanna Foust is North American Subaru’s Vice President – Government Relations and a veteran of D.C.’s automotive universe. In this episode of Beltway Talk, Joanna explains why she considers herself both a lobbyist and an educator, what Subaru is doing to move it’s mission forward in D.C., and how she sees the remainder of 2020 […]

AIADA CEO: Industry Must Band Together

AIADA President and CEO Cody Lusk joins the Beltway Talk podcast to discuss the auto industry’s response to COVID-19, the relief coming from Congress, and what could, and should, happen next. It’s been an eventful few weeks in Washington, D.C., and Cody takes us through what has taken place to date and how the federal […]