Examining the intersection between Washington politics and the auto retail industry.

How to be a Dealer Advocate

In this 50th episode of Beltway Talk, Ashley Burch, AIADA’s Senior Manager of Grassroots & Advocacy, once again dials in to discuss AIADA’s Dealer Visit Program. She emphasizes the importance of bringing lawmakers to dealerships so that they can see firsthand the investment dealers make in their districts, and the brand-new opportunities AIADA has made […]

Volkswagen Sees Retailers as Industry “Champions”

Today’s episode features Anna Schneider, Senior Vice President, Industry-Government Relations and head of Public Affairs for Volkswagen Group of America. She discusses Volkswagen’s wild year (and role as a major mask-producer in 2020), what she needs the Biden administration to understand about international auto manufacturers, and what’s coming for VW’s dealers in 2021 and beyond. […]

In New Jersey, Dealers Model Resilience

Jim Appleton, President of the New Jersey Coalition of Auto Retailers, shares some insight into how New Jersey auto dealers have weathered the past year, the many ways in which they have stepped up to serve their communities, and why he believes advocacy is key to their future.

Summer 2021: Dealers Make an Impact

Ashley Burch, AIADA’s Senior Manager of Grassroots & Advocacy, joins today’s episode to talk advocacy, action, and how dealers can make this a summer of impact in Washington, D.C. She shares important information about the exciting advocacy and social media campaign dealers will join this summer in lieu of a traditional 2021 fly-in, and the […]