Examining the intersection between Washington politics and the auto retail industry.

Meet 2023 AIADA Chairman Mike DeSilva

New Jersey dealer and AIADA Chairman Mike DeSilva recently visited the Beltway Talk Podcast Studio to discuss some of the legislative challenges facing auto retailers, what drew him to get involved in AIADA, and how international nameplate dealers everywhere can make their voices heard on Capitol Hill.

2022 Fly In Report

In this episode of Beltway Talk AIADA Chairman John Connelly takes a look back at AIADA’s Washington, D.C., spring Fly In. Together with host Libby Newman he discusses why he’s bullish on auto retailing in the United States, why he hates seeing customers in his F&I waiting room, and why Capitol Hill feels different these […]

Time to Fight Back

AIADA Chairman Steve Gates sits down in our podcast studios to discuss how the year has taken shape and why union-only EV tax credits has dealers getting engaged and fighting back on Capitol Hill. He discusses the impact of such a provision on both individual stores and the industry at large. For his stores: “At […]

What’s the Big Deal About EV Tax Credits?

AIADA board member and Ohio auto dealer John Connelly joins the Beltway Talk podcast to discuss his career as a criminal-lawyer-turned-auto-dealer, the value of advocacy, and why he needs fellow dealers to pay attention to Washington’s latest scheme to single out certain EVs for special tax credit treatment. Connelly highlights why it matters to lawmakers […]

By the Numbers: International Automakers and Dealers Are Moving America Forward

AIADA President and CEO Cody Lusk and Autos Drive America President and CEO Jennifer Safavian join Beltway Talk to discuss the latest figures from the 2021 Economic Impact Report: International Automakers and Dealers in America. Lusk and Safavian highlight the role the international auto industry plays in the U.S. economy, explain why trade is crucial […]