Examining the intersection between Washington politics and the auto retail industry.

Dealer Sentiment & D.C.

Charles Chesbrough, Senior Economist and Senior Director of Industry Insights for Cox Automotive, has studied the American auto industry for more than 25 years. In his role as a quantitative analyst and researcher, he has developed a unique perspective on what the future holds for dealers, and what issues are giving them the most heartburn in […]

Get to Know Manny Manriquez, General Director of JAMA USA’s Washington, D.C., Office

On today’s Beltway Talk Podcast, Manny Manriquez, General Director of the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association Washington, D.C., office, gets into the  fundamentals of what it means to run an association focused on Japanese nameplate brands in today’s political climate, why you should never be on time for a meeting with your Japanese coworkers, and what […]

Q&A With Global Automakers’ Don Stewart

During a crucial week for autos and trade, we sat down with Don Stewart, Global Automakers’ new Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, to talk tariffs, dealer engagement, and what exactly the Washington Nationals need to do to pull out of their spring slump. Stew’s extensive experience on Capitol Hill (paired with a brief but unforgettable […]

Why Dealer Involvement REALLY Matters

In this episode of Beltway Talk, AIADA Chairman Howard Hakes explains why it’s so important for dealers to make an effort to get involved in what’s happening to their businesses on a federal level. “A lot of the people are just, ‘Oh, Howard, you’re taking care of that, appreciate what you’re doing for us.’ I […]